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Wedding Photography Consultation Questions


On the off chance that you are just going to utilize one collection, you ought to presumably bring another type of portfolio like a PC or iPad to flaunt your wedding pictures. Try not to accept the customer has just observed your site or blog.


I like to bring along a little present for customers who book on the spot. Be that as it may, it remains covered up until they make all necessary endorsements, to forestall cumbersomeness.


Pens (mutiple!), post-it notes, business cards, and money.

Wedding Photography Consultation Questions


I VERY enthusiastically suggest that you have an arrangement or agenda to manage you through the conference. It doesn’t need to be confused.

My wedding photography consulation agenda goes something like this:


Ask how they met and how he proposed

Discussion about the wedding

Show them the portfolio (while they glance through it, get some information about them as a team and their inclinations)

Show them the value list

Give them test collections

Stroll through the agreement


Inquiries Photographers Should Pose to Brides

Whatever you do, make sure to keep the gathering about them. Studies have demonstrated that we as people feel all the more decidedly about individuals we meet when the discussion is centered around us.

I recall when I previously began doing conferences, my greatest dread was those “gotcha” minutes, when the customer asks something that I would not have the option to reply.

Frankly? That is never unitymike   anspired. More often than not, they will  simply get some information about your valuing, what is incorporated (first look, second shooter, and so forth), and they may get some information about your obligations during the big day. So practice your responses to those central issues and remain sure. Your potential customers are there to find out about you, not to look for your blemishes.

What to Ask Wedding Photographer

TIP 4. Step by step instructions to CLOSE and BOOK A WEDDING

You have to locate the sweet spot between being excessively pushy, and not requesting what you need. Let’s be honest… it is anything but an unexpected that you need them to book with you, so don’t be hesitant to bring it up.

I ordinarily end with something like “Are you prepared to book today?”, and on the off chance that they state no, I attempt to respond to any extra inquiries they may have, at that point I drop it. More often than not, couples head into a discussion definitely knowing whether they are going to book on the spot, so don’t let it bother you in the event that they don’t book immediately.

Starting Wedding Consultation Questions

Ensure you follow up when you return home (or the following day), and answer any inquiries you didn’t get to during the interview. At that point, follow up again a week or so later on the off chance that you have not gotten with them.

I locate that most customers who wind up booking with me do as such on the spot, or inside a day or two, however there is consistently the special case, and you sure would prefer not to leave a decent wedding lead hanging.

Things to Ask Wedding Photographer


I know much more goes into booking a customer than what I could fit in here, so leave a remark underneath with your consuming wedding counsel questions, and I will attempt to get them replied! Also, PLEASE SHARE this post utilizing the social sharing catches (I truly value it)!

Good karma, and recall… your potential customers are truly there to meet you and get a feeling of what your identity is and how you will collaborate with them on their large day. So remain positive, cheery, and let your character sparkle!!


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