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Proven 300% More Effective Fastest Way To Lose Belly Fat

“Studies have suggested the burning of body fat increased up to 300%”

Careful, this is not for the faint of heart! If you want to keep your belly fat and continue to have no confidence in your body, look away now. This really is the fastest way to lose belly fat, period.

The problem with dieting, weight loss programs, and all the other gizmos and widget whackers designed to help you obtain a sexier physique is there is so much conflicting information!

There are over 50,000 dieting books sold on Amazon alone….No wonder people can’t ever seem to find something that works. Proven

Well it ends today. I’m going to share with a little known secret which celebrities, top fitness models, and body builders have been privy to for decades, using it consistently to keep their god like figures, and yes, it does involve some work.

Are you sure you can handle it?

Fasted Cardio For Faster Results – Are You A Fast Burning Faster?

I have heard it said “it doesn’t matter when you train”. Resurge  This may be true in some cases, all exercise will help you burn and lose belly fat. If you want to grow those results exponentially, getting up in the morning for a cardio session is the real ticket to the grand success arena. Let me explain further…

Your body uses carbohydrate for fuel; it is the bodies preferred energy source. A good complex carbohydrate is like the deluxe 3000 of premium fuels! When you eat foods containing carbs, your body will store this in the liver and muscles as something called “glycogen”. This is burned off when your body needs fuel…say, for something ridiculous like exercise (sorry, dark humor I know).

When you wake up in the morning it’s quite possible that it will be 10 or more hours since your last meal. During sleep, your glycogen levels will decline as it is used up to provide glucose to the body while you sleep. Okinawa Flat Belly Tonic  On waking your glycogen stores will be depleted.

As your glycogen stores will naturally be very low first thing in the morning, if you were to perform constant and steady cardio for 30 to 40 minutes, your body doesn’t have its proffered energy source to draw from.

Great! So what happens now?

That’s right! Your body will turn to its reserve source for fuel, body fat.

Don’t get me wrong, if you work out after you eat a meal you will still burn body fat, but not as much because you will have to burn off the carbohydrates you have eaten first before your body taps into its reserve.

Wait, wait….There’s More – Can Your Feel It Burning?

Being a “fast burning faster ” as I like to call it has another huge benefit too, “after burn”. This is what I call the effect early morning workouts have on your metabolism. After working out your metabolism will be elevated enough so you burn calories, not only when you’re exercising, but also for hours into the day.                 Steel Bite Pro  Training at night does not have the same effect as when you sleep – your metabolism plummets like a 5000 ton submarine with no engine!

Are you paying attention? There are no gimmicks, no fallacies and no bull….This is the fastest way to lose belly fat!

Lights…Camera….Air Raid Sirens!

So there, I’ve laid it bare for you. Granted your alarm clock may sound like an air raid siren in the mornings as you try to get to grips with your new regimen, but if you can just commit to doing this for 21 days it will begin to no longer seem like a challenge to you, you will feel invigorated, you’ll start to already look leaner and have more confidence…you’ll be feeling positively thrilled at the new, super, sexier you!

Like I said “Are you a fast burning faster”? – It’s the new “in” thing ya know…..

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