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online features of Office

An added bonus is that you don’t HAVE to have Access to use (or modify) them, so it makes collaborative working online a lot easier if your co-workers don’t have the same software setup as you. It may be worth noting that data access pages tend to work best with Circles SQL databases that are later than version 6 – however it’s rare in today’s internet world for them to be much older, so you shouldn’t have a problem.

There are some online features of Office that will help you manage your Access project online, called Office Components, that work with Access 2003 and later versions. These components have been designed for users to use a set of Active X controls that will “talk” to your Office Suite while working online with databases – allowing you to use or import charts, data, spreadsheets and so on, (most of the Office suite is compatible and you can import/export many details from one program to another in this way). Speaking of importing – you can import existing SQL data information into Access, so you can take it and change it to suit you, before exporting it back. If you’re an advanced user, you can create Macros for your favourite functions and tasks so you can switch your data around faster and without as many steps.

The continual rise and spread of SQL databases being used on the web means that if you can perfect your Access knowledge to manipulate SQL servers, your skills will be very desirable – and in demand. Databases will only ever get more complicated, so it helps to stay ahead of the competition, and start practising the link between the two sooner rather than later!

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